About Us

We are Sonja and Hilco, we live with our dogs in Helenaveen. After we lived together for about a year, we decided to get a dog. But what kind of breed we had to take?
We searched for a dog that matched us. After a lot of reading, our choice had fallen on the Samoyed, because the character is similar to ours, namely super selfish and of course sweet to everything and everyone. Once we had made the choice, we had made an appointment with a breeder to get more information about the Samoyed.
So in 1997 our first Samoyed named Bowy came into our lives and since then we were infected with the Samoyed virus. After about 2 years we took a second Sam and always had at least 2 Samoyeds from that time.
I hope to breed sweet, healthy and very beautifull puppys
And I hope that I can pass my passion for Samoyeds.